6 Steps to Starting a Successful Small Business via the Shared Economy

6 Steps to Starting a Successful Small Business via the Shared Economy

Are you thinking of starting a small business through the sharing economy? Shared startups are increasingly popular and a great way to maintain flexibility while you earn income. While managing one of these small businesses can be fairly simple, you’ll need to keep some things in mind to become a real success.

 Create Financial Goals

 Before getting started with your small business, you need to figure out your budget. Come up with some goals you would like to reach with the income from your shared economy gig. Maybe this will be your main source of income, or perhaps you just want to supplement your main income and pay off some bills. Think about what you really want before putting effort into your new gig. Don’t forget to include insurance and user fees in your overall financial forecast.

Protect Your Investment

Before you begin sharing your space or belongings, it’s smart to have them protected. Many sharing sites offer protection to owners, but you need to be sure you understand what those benefits cover. Dig into the fine print and look into getting your own insurance to make sure you won’t be at a financial loss in the case of damage or other issues that may arise.

Get the Right Tech and Equipment

If you want your new small business to succeed, you’ll need to be prepared to invest in some supplies. Get in touch with a representative or manager in your area to figure out what fees or setup costs you may need to take care of before you begin. Then, make a few small investments on your own. A lightweight laptop and smartphone are a good investment for any small business owner. These two pieces of tech help you stay connected to clients and able to work from anywhere. You may also need a decent camera, but newer smartphone cameras are usually good enough to capture images of your property or offerings.

Capture the Attention of Clients

Getting a successful start in the shared economy depends on your ability to connect with other people and promote your business. Take quality photos and stage whatever you have to offer in a way that will appeal to your target audience. Share your listing or opportunity with family and friends to get started. Take care when interacting with potential and actual clients, and always mind your manners. Reviews are essential to bringing in new business, so you need users who are happy enough to leave positive feedback. Small touches can make a big difference.

Organize a Home Workspace

 Much of your work is going to be done from home, so be sure you have a spot where you can focus. Take a room, closet or corner of your home and make it into your small business workspace. Snag an inexpensive desk, a comfy chair, and some decent lighting. Make sure your home office is set up in a way that eliminates, or at least decreases, distractions. Music may be fine, but avoid setting up in the same room as your TV, since it can be all too tempting to binge on Hulu rather than get any work done.

 Balance Your Schedule

 One of the benefits of running a small business is getting to make your own schedule. This can be a downside as well, however. You need to structure your schedule in a way that will keep you productive. Try getting any household tasks or errands taken care of first to keep your mind from wandering. Set aside dedicated time to work on networking and marketing, and stick to that schedule. Be sure to include the time needed to prep your property for new users, or think about hiring someone to take care of some of the prep work for you.

 Getting started in the shared economy can be easy. With a little planning and some personal discipline, you can start to earn income from property or items you already own. Just focus on networking and keep your finances straight to keep yourself afloat in this new business venture.



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Android O has more control over what apps and background can do as part of an effort to improve to improve interactive performance of the device. In other words, it improves RAM usage. Android Nougat used to retrain the system from receiving three specific implicit broadcasts such as the new photo broadcast from manifestly declared receivers. The all new hardware feature constants let you target the distribution of apps to low-RAM devices from the play store.

Well, it seems Google has added tons of new features for the developers. Some of them are as follows-

Neural network API: provides accelerated computation with machine learning frameworks like Tensor Flow—Google’s cross-platform ML library for mobile phones. Visit the Tensor Flow Late open source library site for further information. Tensor Flow Lite and Neural Networks API enhance the performances of AI-related programs, like Mobile Nets, Inception v3, and Smart Reply.

Notifications: Applications can now make notification sounds every second.

Shared Memory API: Allows developers to create, map and customize an anonymous Shared Memory instance. It is easily passable and you can set memory protection for the class.

Fingerprint Updates: If a user tries too many times to unlock her/his phone, the phone can be permanently locked out. Although there is a function for this specifically and can depend on developers whether to use or not.

Programmatic Safe Browsing actions: In Android 8.1, you can define how your application responds to threat:

  1. You can control whether your app reports known threats to Safe Browsing.
  2. You can have your app automatically perform a particular action—such as going back to safety—each time it encounters a URL that Safe Browsing classifies as a known threat.

Auto fill framework updates: The Base Adapter class has added the set Auto fill Options() method, where you can provide a string representation of the values in an adapter. In other words, you can use the set Autofill Options() function to display the string representation of the list of birth years users can choose as logging into an app that requires an age proof. There’s also an overload of the method for non-virtual structures. However, non-virtual structures don’t require to be explicitly called by the framework as the method is already called by the “View” class.

Android 8.1 also gives Auto fill Services more ability to customize the saved UI by adding support for Custom Description, which is useful to help the auto-fill service clarify what is being saved.

eMail Marketing: Marketing just got smarter

eMail Marketing: Marketing just got smarter

eMail marketing: Marketing just got smarter

Keywords: eMail marketing, eMail marketing in India, eMail marketing tools

Though a decade old marketing tool, eMail marketing is one of the most preferred marketing gears for any corporate house. Some may argue that this channel is dead, but it has actually opened new doors for the marketers, the fact is it just got smarter. Converting readers to potential buyers, eMail marketing has got all the potential if used properly. The USP of an email campaign is to create the feel of the one-to-one conversation. A well-positioned email can deliver high performance than any other mode of advertisements and with more advanced strategies and availability of eMail marketing tools, the campaign just got updated.

According to a study, there is around 2.5 billion email sent in a second all over the world. What is worrying is that a single mail is received around 50 emails per day on an average. Most of the emails launch to the trash folder even before reading the content. So the vital part of creating an email campaign is to create a headline so that it can get the reader’s attention at the first place. There are a lot of ways to develop the content of the email. It just needs to choose the best. Choosing the target audience, setting up mail context, finding the right time to hit the client, understand what makes more appealing, etc. eMail marketing in India is no more just a part of a business advertisement criteria. It has become a sole advertisement tool for any business house. One such eMail marketing tools used by most marketers is provided by Kitescords. Kitescords helps the marketers to directly follow the campaign and see the performance any point of time with the tools. Sending bulk email is a seamless process and can be boring if not treated properly. There is so much to do with the campaign, selecting themes and use customized option, adding pictures and videos, make the reader feel important. A study showed emails equipped with pictures and appropriate videos has raised their customer base to 40 percent. This might be old tactics to influence the customer, but it’s still much effective and if handled professionally, the results are bound to make a change. The easily customized tool can be integrated with any other marketing model. The eMail marketing tools are constantly upgrading itself for better performance. From connecting with social media, adding customer behavioral stats to making a whole research report about how the email marketing is affecting its customer database, a business house is able to make a more concrete decision on the basis of the report generated solely from the eMail marketing tools provided by Kitescords.

The best campaign is the camping where the business gets more by doing less. Connecting with the audience in a highly personalized way at the same time reducing the budget allocated. Undoubtedly, eMail marketing is unbeatable for its unlimited reach and it is an open platform. No matter what mode of channel comes in or gets rejected, eMail marketing will be around forever, if not for a long long time.



Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

Mobile technology has added a new dimension to the marketing strategy. Interacting with the customers and other stakeholders have been made easier with the use of different mobile applications. If you are looking for a perfect place to boost your brand using mobile and other applications, you are at the right spot. We offer different technical supports right from conception to distribution to suit your business requirements. We majorly offer dynamic services to various platforms including the following:

Mobile app development,

iOS app development,

Android app development and

iPad app development.

Why are we your best choice?

We offer the most creative and highly customized mobile applications for our customers and enterprises. These applications will make your business lucrative as well as performance oriented. Our team of expert developers is highly knowledgeable and skilled with advanced tools and technology to cater to your individual and business needs.

We have a deep understanding of frameworks and mobile technologies which help us fathom your exact requirements and deliver the service with minute precision.

Our process of app development is highly advanced,and the methodology is constantly evolving with each app. The standard app development process involves idea, strategy, design, development, deployment, and post-launch phases.

Over the years we have proved our brilliance and in the process, have earned a reputation for developing robust mobile applications.

Search Engine Optimization – a new digital way of marketing

Search Engine Optimization – a new digital way of marketing

Keywords: Search Engine Optimization, digital marketing, SEO

One of the major problems in promoting a website is to make the customer aware of the availability of that particular product or service on the internet. This happens mainly because whenever a particular customer search for a product or service through net he or she normally browse the first few links that are positioned among the top five to ten ranks. So even being a prospect seller most of the website and organization remains under the shadow of this highly ranked websites. SEO or Search Engine Optimization deals with such websites that are highly ranked on the search engine results. Digital marketing has become a vital factor while promoting a business on the internet. An organization tends to pay a chunk of rupees on strategies to attract more traffic on the website. In recent years SEO has become far more complex and needs to have a wider digital marketing plan to make it more beneficial. Without a certain number of traffic on the website, the site can never hold the top ranks and won’t be able to attract more potential customer towards it. There are many options to make the site popular and most searched website on the internet. One of such option is to buy certain keywords, that defines the particular organization’s service or products they are dealing with. So whenever such keywords are searched on the search engines, chance are there that the website gets highlighted in the top five or ten searched results. There are many service providers in the country that has gathered experience and skill in this field and assists various organizations to get the most of the SEO or digital marketing advantage. One of such service provider is Kitescords. Kitescords have earned the trust in the market for its unique and result oriented solutions to its clients. There are many factors that need to be considered to set up a proper SEO platform or to leverage the digital marketing.

Digital marketing has taken a new height and every organization in recent times using its full advantage to get the most from digital marketing. Without a proper SEO strategy, no organization can stable itself on the search engine rankings. At Kitescords, strategies are not only made to locate popular keywords but also how to make the client’s website to place on the top search results on the search engine. The service provider is looking for various opportunities to get a smarter, profitability and more Return on Investment for the customer. To build more traffic, quality of the website plays a vital role. Each page on the websites is based on the keywords. That is how it gathers more traffic. As the leader in the industry Kitescords helps to build up a strong online presence through wider digital marketing channels. Locating every possible opportunity to improve SEO results and giving more mileage to the website is one of the prime objectives of any service provider. With more technical up gradation the SEO tools and digital marketing strategies are also changing accordingly.

Pay Per Click: Growing the customer base

Pay Per Click: Growing the customer base

Keywords: Pay Per Click, digital marketing, web traffic

It is very common display on any web page, where a visitor is taken to another site whenever he clicks on the ad presence on the corner. Pay Per Click is very popular marketing strategy and is getting adopted by many big houses. It is a popular model on the internet where an advertiser pays a certain amount every time their advertisement is clicked. It is initially a way a way to purchase more amounts of visitors on the particular website, rather than actually earning them on reality. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most popular forms of Pay per click digital marketing. Every time the ad gets clicked and the visitors are taken to the particular web page, the host needs to pay a certain amount to the search engine. Pay Per Click is one of the most used Internet advertising models in recent times. Usually associated with Google ad words or Microsoft Bing Ads, Pay Per Click is concerned with keywords which the advertiser needs to bid. The pay per click model gives a major statistics on how popular a site is getting, the more the click gives the marketers more knowledge about the performance of the website on an SEO. There are many service providers working with major organizations to guide them to build a proper digital marketing strategy where a pay per click model can be implemented to give the best result. In recent times more knowledge-based strategies are getting implemented to give the best Return on Investment for the organization. There are basically two types of models used for pay per click strategy, the flat rate model, and the bid-based model. An organization with the help of such service provider decides on the best model that suits the purpose of the organization’s digital marketing.

Kitescords is a well-known organization in the industry for a long time catering services on their digital advertisement requirements. At Kitescords, Strategies made to locate popular keywords and how to make the client’s website to place on the top search results on the search engine. The service provider is looking for various opportunities to get a smarter, profitability and more Return on Investment for the customer. To build more web traffic, quality of the website plays a vital role. The benefits of pay per click model cannot be ignored while doing digital marketing and if properly implemented the model can boost the growth in a major way. Also, there are many open source software in the industry giving fake commitments to the users and a cheaper rate, so choosing the authentic service provider has also become an important factor. A proper model earns more traffic t the website as well helps to be on the high ranked websites on the search engine.  The success of Pay Per Click model largely depends on the digital marketing strategy and the effectiveness of the marketers. It helps to generate leads at lower cost, increase web traffic and also grows the customer base for the organization


Social media – The big trend

Social media – The big trend

The more one can say about social media there will be always something that will be getting missed while talking about social media. The subject has reached such a height in the last decades that every day there is something getting added to the social media platform. Technology has reached its all time high adding more to the social media category, be it an interacting site or a marketing tool or just a virtual presence, there is no limit to Social media category. Some of the most popular social media sites helping individuals or customer to establish its presence are FaceBook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Through such social media sites and their individual tool one can make their presence in the virtual world in many ways. For an organization having a social media presence is just as important as having a license to do business. Without a proper social media pre-screens there will be always something missing from the company. Be it promoting the brand or launching a new service or just creating awareness for the potential customer, a simple FaceBook post can do the required job. It is also one of the cheapest and most effective ways of promotion. If a company is having a FaceBook page and wants to increase its customer base, it can generate more likes to its posts and can reach distant customer where normal mode of promotion would have been impossible to reach. Same can be done with a pictorial post in the Instagram or a simple tweet in twitter. It all helps in creating a strong SEO for the organization. A LinkedIn profile helps an individual to showcase its skill and experience and helps in building the network. Earlier individual company was competent enough to handle all its social media requirements, but as the technology is getting updated every day, it is actually getting difficult to handle all the social media presence for the company  and the requirement of an expert team or a service provider is getting vital to handle the social media marketing and maintain all such accounts on behalf of the company, like FaceBook pages, LinkedIn profile posting pictures on Instagram or handling the regular tweets on twitter. There are quite a few service providers across the country working on such requirements of the company and adding more value to their SEO growth. Kitescords is one such name of an organization which has built a trust among its clients for giving valuable inputs regarding social media marketing or build a perfect digital strategy on behalf of the company.

Kitescords have got an experienced and extremely talented team working every time to locate every opportunity to give the maximum output to a customer from the social media. They take the responsibility to generate more viewers for the company on any social media platform and help the company to establish a global presence.  With the help of advanced technology and expert marketing tools Kitescords has already catered many big brands in achieving their goals.

Content marketing: A new step in the world of digital marketing

Content marketing: A new step in the world of digital marketing

Content marketing can be defined as a strategic marketing approach which is focused on creating and distribution of valuable and relevant content to attract readers and finally drive profitable customer action. Instead of pitching the product and services offered by the company, providing a rich content to the prospect customer helps the company boasts its digital marketing strategy. Used by most leading brands across the globe, content marketing also helps to strengthen the SEO of the company. A company is always updating itself to meet the requirements of the customers and so it needs to keep updating its customer about its new add on. A good content helps the company to keep its customer informed about its changes and services. Content marketing needs to be done in a perfect way so that it can attract audience and helps them to convert them to potential buyers. It is an important part of the company’s digital marketing strategy and if done properly nothing can be more cost effective strategy made by a company. The main purpose of content marketing is to increase the brand value to its customer and also to expand the customer base. A good content not only helps in strengthening the SEO but also generate the increase in online sale. Content marketing is a relatively new to digital marketing and it does not directly makes any sales rather I help the company to build its brand image and trust among its customer which in return helps the company to increase the sale. A strong content defines the rich value of the company and for doing so most company hires professional content writers to take care of the content marketing part of the company. There are many professional individuals as well as the organization gives expert assistance to fulfill the content requirement of the company. The Very service provider in this related field gives their valuable inputs to back the content needs of the company so that the company can achieve its desired result. Kitescords are one of such professional organization which is renowned in its expert and apt content marketing strategies for its customer of the years.

Kitescords have established itself as one of the most reliable organizations fulfilling all sorts of digital marketing needs of an organization. Working with some of the biggest brands across the country Kitescords has got an experienced, enthusiastic and highly skilled team to back the company’s content marketing needs. The content quality provided by Kitescords are strong enough to have a stable SEO growth and also helps the company to build a rapport with its customer base. The important aspect of any content marketing is to create an environment of trust among the customer towards the company. A large amount of regular flow of content is required for any company to build the content marketing strategy and Kitescords exactly know what kind of content needs to be delivered to sustain the growth of the company.

Blogging: The writing way to a successful marketing

Blogging: The writing way to a successful marketing

Blogging can be defined as an informational or discussion over a particular topic on the internet normally done in an informal way. Blogging makes use of certain keywords which helps in SEO or social media marketing for that particular product or services offered by the organization. It helps in higher ranking in the search engine. Blogging is just an informative article written in a way to attract more viewership. Blogging helps to build an instant connection between the reader and potential customer with the marketer. A well-written blog not only helps to convert the reader into buyers but also helps in building brand image. Blogging is an important tool in social media marketing and SEO. Blogging which was initially started as a personal journal became widely popular in very less time and marketers all around the world understood its huge potential. If used properly and channelized accordingly it can create a high impact on the social media. The best part of using blog over the website is that blogs can be updated frequently and since it comes as a personal opinion, it opens the platform for open discussion giving it a more personal touch to the customer. Any search engines are prone towards new contents and blogging gives adequate newer content on a regular basis which is a great option for SEO tools. It helps to build instant trust and reliability among the customers. The option of posting comments on the blogs by various users gives a direct feedback which helps the marketers understand the ground reality of its product and services. It also helps to make the future decision. Blogging is a great tool to keep the customer updated about any news or launch of the product by the company.
But blogging requires a lot of time and creativity for an effective SEO and engaging more reading into it. To help the company to get more readers or an effective SEO, there are many service providers working as professional to give inputs on blogging and implementing it as a marketing tool. Kitescords with its professional approach have already earned its reputation in assisting big brands to achieve effective outcomes and strong SEO through expert blogging on the social media. With it, professional blogger Kitescords knows exactly the best ingredients required to write a successful blog for its clients to achieve more. The experience and professional blogger in Kitescords is already working with some big brands in the industry and helping them to create a strong SEO.
The easy part of blogging is that it can start anytime and can be implemented whenever needed. It can also be implemented to an existing site as per requirement. Once the blog is live it can be updated at any point of time and does not require and coding like web page development. If blogging is taken seriously as a part of a promotional campaign it can give the immense assist to social media marketing. It is also a tool to generate income for the marketers if implemented properly on the social media.

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