Contextual marketing is terms used to define the customer ad viewing behavior over relevant advertising on the net. Contextual marketing is an online marketing model where individuals are located on the basis of the advertisement they search or the recent browsing character. A straightforward explanation for the Contextual marketing can be the advertisement which is displayed on the portal based on the search that the user does. The behavioral target approach that Contextual marketing uses to find the customer preferences and understand the immediate needs. Thus the company can make a strategy to meet those requirements. Whenever a user reads a particular article or search for a particular data on the net, the system stores the search preference of the user and in the future tries to deliver similar kind of search results for the user, it may sound coincidence for the user sometimes but the artificial intelligence implementation helps to convey the related data to the system. Any marketer or an organization takes the help of such artificial intelligence to track the buying psychology of the user and prepares a model accordingly. Normally when a user searches for a topic on the website there are many related popups that appear which might somehow store on the basis of past search. When a user clicks on such links the creator understand the demand for such articles or story for a particular user. Hence after gathering a database which forecasts the viewing history of a particular area or a group of people, the organization creates a business model matching that preference.

The recent development of artificial intelligence and its implication to Contextual marketing has been a phenomenon. Marketers can take huge benefits on the basis of such research work. Kites & chords are one of those premium organizations in the country which provides its expert advice


to its clientele over Contextual marketing strategy. The expert know how about the concept of Contextual marketing and proper utilization of it in making business strategies has made Kites & chords as one of the leading organization in the country in this category. Kites & chords take the best research work to find out the viewing database and prepare a structure which helps marketers to create the various business models. The positioning of the ad and making a catchy heading to attract the user is a primitive way to collect the database. With such business model, the organization coverts its sales lead to actual sales. The development of Contextual marketing has been massive over the past few years and creating a strong database through this is now possible. The more the customer spends time online and more the number of hours of interaction is made through the network implies a strong Contextual marketing possibility. The adjustment of ads on various platforms is different since the search criteria differ from home to a workplace. So different models are created to track such change in search criteria and business decisions are made through it. In the near future, online marketing will be more strong and effective on the basis of such Contextual marketing models.

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