eMail Marketing: Marketing just got smarter

eMail Marketing: Marketing just got smarter

eMail marketing: Marketing just got smarter

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Though a decade old marketing tool, eMail marketing is one of the most preferred marketing gears for any corporate house. Some may argue that this channel is dead, but it has actually opened new doors for the marketers, the fact is it just got smarter. Converting readers to potential buyers, eMail marketing has got all the potential if used properly. The USP of an email campaign is to create the feel of the one-to-one conversation. A well-positioned email can deliver high performance than any other mode of advertisements and with more advanced strategies and availability of eMail marketing tools, the campaign just got updated.

According to a study, there is around 2.5 billion email sent in a second all over the world. What is worrying is that a single mail is received around 50 emails per day on an average. Most of the emails launch to the trash folder even before reading the content. So the vital part of creating an email campaign is to create a headline so that it can get the reader’s attention at the first place. There are a lot of ways to develop the content of the email. It just needs to choose the best. Choosing the target audience, setting up mail context, finding the right time to hit the client, understand what makes more appealing, etc. eMail marketing in India is no more just a part of a business advertisement criteria. It has become a sole advertisement tool for any business house. One such eMail marketing tools used by most marketers is provided by Kitescords. Kitescords helps the marketers to directly follow the campaign and see the performance any point of time with the tools. Sending bulk email is a seamless process and can be boring if not treated properly. There is so much to do with the campaign, selecting themes and use customized option, adding pictures and videos, make the reader feel important. A study showed emails equipped with pictures and appropriate videos has raised their customer base to 40 percent. This might be old tactics to influence the customer, but it’s still much effective and if handled professionally, the results are bound to make a change. The easily customized tool can be integrated with any other marketing model. The eMail marketing tools are constantly upgrading itself for better performance. From connecting with social media, adding customer behavioral stats to making a whole research report about how the email marketing is affecting its customer database, a business house is able to make a more concrete decision on the basis of the report generated solely from the eMail marketing tools provided by Kitescords.

The best campaign is the camping where the business gets more by doing less. Connecting with the audience in a highly personalized way at the same time reducing the budget allocated. Undoubtedly, eMail marketing is unbeatable for its unlimited reach and it is an open platform. No matter what mode of channel comes in or gets rejected, eMail marketing will be around forever, if not for a long long time.



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